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So glad I decided to move all my photos from to my self hosted storage. Totally saw that coming!

Watched 'First man' with Miss Me and Nancy. So moving and powerful!

The Case for Making Cities Out of Wood - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus

Wood that’s as “strong as steel, but six times lighter,” he said. Liangbing Hu, Li’s co-author on the study, added, “This kind of wood could be used in cars, airplanes, buildings—any application where steel is used.” Making it is just a two-step process. The scientists first boiled natural wood in a mixture of sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfite, to remove some of the lignin and hemicellulose, substances contained in the walls of wood cells (the former retard parasite and bacterial attacks, the latter cover and bind fibers). Then they put the wood in a hot press, which leads, as they say in the paper, “to the total collapse of cell walls and the complete densification of the natural wood with highly aligned cellulose nanofibres.” The result, they conclude, is a “low-cost, high-performance, lightweight alternative” to “most structural metals and alloys.”

Archery Boston

Archery Boston

Terrific summer outing at work

time wielding anything close to a Bow and Arrow! I totally see myself getting back to this sometime soon.