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Alarm set for 01:00 IST with the First Man's soundtrack to watch Chandrayaan2's landing on the moon's south pole! The space has always fascinated me and having watched mission mangal last week, I'm even more psyched! 

This July 4th, we head to the Ziwa rhino sanctuary. A decent 3 hour drive from Kampala. Truly magical being just feets away from these magnanimus herbivores. Shasta seemed to have a long talk with one of the rhino babies! Yesterday, she was phenomenally excited meeting the horses in a stable closer to the city. Oh, such splendid joy!

Just installed Android on a raspberry Pi using Emteria (! Works like a charm!!!

dogs clean their feet by rubbing them on the ground to remove the scent from their paws and not to cover the droppings.

The lost art of finding our way, John Huth

Watched 'First man' with Miss Me and Nancy. So moving and powerful!

Need to step up on the AMC front. I'll be co-leading a couple backpacking trips and a few hikes over the next couple months. Can't wait to get that rolling this week!

Spent quite a chunk of this weekend also re-working my data storage solution. Moved all of my personal data from the Nextcloud install on Digital Ocean to my personal NextCloud box. Late last week I realised I was saving the data on the SD card and not on the connected external hard disk. Took me sometime to figure out how to point the default data location as the external drive. Nevertheless, got it to work finally. Was a pretty straight forward work around but should document this in detail sometime soon.

The NC Box is setup for the most part. I now need to figure out a backup solution for it. Will most probably tinker with Unison, Rclone over the next few weeks to sort this out.

Looks like we had a heavy pollen shower on Saturday. in Cochituate and Walden Pond with the Bhaskars. Totally mesmerized by the water in Walden pond! Reminded me of kayaking in the springs of Florida. One phenomenal weekend!