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A splendid 4.5hour, 11km walking tour in . Idi Amin's torture chambers... A 93 year old temple that Idi Amin surprisingly didn't flatten...Unlike portrayed in most history books, Gaddafi is not considered a tyrant here by the Bugandese people!...The first son of the Bugandan King apparently would be the chief advisor and never gets to take the throne...

On the drive back to we were stuck in a traffic jam. A tempo wanting to cross over to the other side, decided to cut in from one of the feeder roads, essentially blocking the traffic on the opposite direction. Noticing this, the mini-van on the opposite side veered off the road and on to the sidewalk behind the tempo circumventing it and casually got back on the road. Other vehicles followed suite. I backed out a bit to let the tempo cross and he gleefully went his way.

Absolutely no horns or visual stress on any of the drivers! Can't imagine this happening in India. Absolutely love driving here!

looks, feels and smells so much like Kerala. The windy hilly roads with houses and establishments peeking out of the different hues of green remind me of those uncanny ghat roads in the villages of Kerala, where the bus drivers flaunt their maneuvering skills on every single turn, musically honking a bit to their heart's joy and more to the cries of the alarmed pedestrians jump into the gutter by the roadside.

Well, to be truthful, folks here don't quite honk much. And when they do, it's a cursory touch to the horn to alert the pedestrian of their presence. Quite representative of their more solemn and lackadaisical demeanor. Well, I'm heavily generalizing here given that I've been here only for about two days now so lets's just call this - first impressions.

Oh and we did have our first ride today! Was fun being back on the bike and we did go doubles! Paid about 4,000 shillings for the ride and on our way back stopped at a neighboring local shop and paid about 8,500 shillings for a kilo of rice, half liter of milk and a loaf of bread. Kinda weird to be spending in 1000s!

With work and jet lag, we haven't covered much ground so far. We're consciously holding off on visiting any safari's in this trip. Plan is to do a few road trips and walking tours and just take in as much as this place has to offer in the limited time that we have here. Subconsciously, I'm actually really liking this slow, un-rushed mode of exploring and experiencing new cultures and places. Hopefully over the next couple weeks we'll get to soak in more of this phenomenal place.

Visiting for a couple weeks. Psyched!

Today I learnt
- about the Surgeon's knot AND realized it could also be pretty useful while tying shoe laces!
- It's a myth that you lose most of your body heat from your head.
- Your palm is approximately 1% of your body surface

at Kendall square. Quite a few falls but totally worth it! Had the whole rink just for ourselves and some real good music. Good times!

Loved this photo article from Outside! Learnt to ski last december and would love to visit hernberger's hill some
8h from home!

Joined David and Lex for a good four hour strength training workshop in Freeport. With dead weights, pull ups, push ups, block jumps, kettle balls, bear crawls and a ton of breath work; the session was pretty informative and useful! Also loved how he described running as a pull, lean, move effort rather than a push, move effort.

"If movement is an expense, breath is the currency"

The depth that he delves into and the breadth that he's able to touch upon in such a short time is phenomenal! Wish they were able to start a gym in the Boston area!

Stopped by at a cousins place for dinner after work. Played thirteen rounds of . Such a good energizer!

Been a while that I've played regular card games. Last I remember enjoying this suite of games is way back in the late 90s during summer breaks!